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Frequently Asked Questions

Every effort has been made to answer any questions you may have. Please review these FAQs before emailing or calling the homeowner.

Questions About Rosemary Beach

Q: What address can I put in my GPS to get directions to Rosemary Beach?
A: The address for the Plantation House is 171 Round Rd., Rosemary Beach, FL 32413. The Cottage address is 9 Saint Georges Lane, Rosemary Beach, FL, 32413. The Zip Code for the street will show Panama City Beach, but the house is in Rosemary Beach. The Zip Code for the Post Office is 32461.

Q: How do I reserve beach chairs/umbrellas?
A: Click here for Rosemary Beach service or call (850) 231-1860. You will need to provide a credit card number and the access code of your cottage, as well as the walk over in front of which you would like your chairs to be set up each day. They will set them up and take them down daily. You can not leave anything there overnight like toys, chairs etc as the beach service will pick them up at night and they will be gone the next day. You can have your chairs set up at Walkover A. which is handicap accessible and closest to the house. Obtain the access code from the owner/manager.

There are some beach chairs, umbrellas and sand toys at the house, in garage for cottage and in outside shower for main house. We can’t guarentee what will be there as it might be there because guest left it and may not be there because the guest took them or lost things. You rent things from RentGearHere. Use promo code "creolecottages" for 15% off.

Q: How can I find out what events are taking place during my stay?
A: To view the Rosemary Beach calendar of events, please click here.

Q: How do we access the beach and pool areas?
A: You have to take your amenity passes to the beach and pool. Why? Rosemary Beach doesn’t want others not staying at RB to use the beach and pool. Don’t lose the pass as you will be charged $50 for a replacement. No exceptions!

Q: Where are the swimming pools at Rosemary Beach?
A: See map. Cabana pool on North side, Coquina pool on the Southeast side and Barbados pool on West side. Indoor, heated pool: walk past the tennis courts and you are at the indoor pool, which is heated and is next to the fitness center. You can lap swim at this pool. This is a good place to go swim if you have had too much sun, it is raining or the weather is cold.

Q: Do they heat the other pools during the spring and winter.?
A: No guarantees. The indoor pool is always heated when it is cold. The other pools are heated most of the time in the off-season. There is no set rule on this.

Q: How do I get in the pools and across the beach walkovers?
A: You use the pool code which is given to you when you are sent your vacation package, 30 days before your arrival.

Q: Do the amenities include the tennis courts?
A: If you want to play tennis, contact the tennis shop at 850-278-2061. The fitness center number is 850-278-2200. To use the tennis facilities or the fitness facilities, you have to pay for this amenity.

Q: How many beach walkovers in RB?
A: Nine, see map.

Q: Where can I access Wi-Fi while I'm in Rosemary Beach?
A: The Creole Plantation House and Cottage have internet access. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, that service can be interrupted, Amavia Coffee, Cowgirl Kitchen and Courtyard Wine and Cheese are three locations that offer complementary Wi-Fi in Rosemary Beach.

Q: Is there a grocery store in Rosemary Beach?
A: Currently, there is no grocery store in Rosemary Beach. There is a Winn Dixie and Publix grocery store located less than four miles away, toward Panama City Beach.

Q: Where are the tennis courts?
A: The tennis courts are on the North side of 30A, on Southeast side. The large parking lot is to the left of tennis courts. To get to the tennis courts, walk North on Round Rd, as you are on the boardwalk, you will walk past 2 houses, cross 30A to the tennis courts.

Q: What restaurants do you recommend?
A: Picolos Red Bar, Café 30A, Bud and Alleys, most restaurants in Rosemary Beach are good. Georges in Alys beach, Shades on the loop and Donut Hole are affordable options close to Rosemary Beach.

More Restaurants

Q: Is there beach butler service?
A: The Beach Butlers provide service to Rosemary Beach.

Q: Where can I have packages shipped while I'm staying at Rosemary Beach?
A: When shipping a package UPS, FEDEX, or DHL, please use the following addresses:

Plantation House: 171 Round Rd., Rosemary Beach FL 32413
Cottage: 9 Saint Georges Lane, Rosemary Beach FL 32413

Mail cannot be delivered to the house or cottage.

Q: Is there a Business Center in Rosemary Beach?
A: Copy Systems Business Center, 4821 U.S. Hwy. 98 West, Suite 102, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. Phone: 850-267-4552, Fax: 850-267-4553, website. Also, Santa Rosa UPS Store.

Q: How do I reserve bicycles while I am at Rosemary Beach?
A: You can rent bicycles, beach items, baby items and more from RentGearHere. They will deliver to the Creole Cottage. Use promo code "creolecottage" for a 15% discount.

Q: Where can we rent baby cribs, etc?
A: See They will deliver to the Creole Cottage. Use promo code "creolecottages" for a 15% discount.

Q: Are there special activities for children?
A: Yes. Rosemary Beach has Kids Camp for children. Call 877-599-7913.

Q: Is there a day spa or salon?
A: Yes. Solace Day Spa and Salon is on site. Call 850-231-6801.

Q: How much does it cost to play tennis or work out at the fitness center?
A: Call the fitness or tennis center for rates or see their website. Another local option is Paradise Fitness in Carillon Beach. Visit them on Facebook.

Q: What kind of shops and restaurants does the town of Rosemary offer?
A: See

Q: Are the pools free?
A: There are 4 pools at RB, and they are all free. The Coquina Pool is 75 yards from the house. You walk out of Round Rd, walk south past 1 ½ houses and turn right on a sand path. You pass 2 houses and you are by the pool. How long does it take to get there, less than 2 minutes.

Questions About The Area

Q: What are the airports, closest Panama City Beach and Fort Walton?
A: We recommend using the The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) (16.6 miles, click for map). The airport is serviced by Delta and Southwest Airlines. The Northwest Florida Regional Airport is in Fort Walton (click for map). The next closest is the Pensacola Regional Airport in Pensacola, FL, which is 101 miles to Rosemary Beach (click for map).

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP)
Phone: (850) 763-6751
Air Service: Delta Airlines and Southwest

Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport (PNS)
Phone: (850) 436-5000
Air Service: AirTran, American Eagle, Continental, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways Express, United and US Airways Express.

Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS)
Phone: (850) 651-7160
Air Service: American Eagle, Delta, US Airways and United

General Aviation Airports
Crestview: (850) 682-6811
DeFuniak Springs: (850) 892-2000
Destin: (850) 837-6135
Panama City: (850) 785-4325 or (850) 763-4642

Q: Where is shopping?
A: There are numerous opportunities for world-class shopping. A few of our favorites are:
Pier Park - (15 minutes from The Creole Plantation House and Cottage)

Silver Sands Factory Stores - (20 minutes from The Creole Plantation House and Cottage) The nation's largest designer outlet center with over 100 designer names. Located next to Sandestin® on Hwy 98.

The Market Shops at Sandestin

More shopping links in Panama City

More shopping links in Destin

Q: Where is the closest movie theatre?
A: Pier Park (15 minutes from The Creole Plantation Houe and Cottage) has an excellent new theater (click for more info).

Q: Where is the closet Target and Walmart?
A: Walmart and Target are a 17 minute drive.
NOTE: There is now a convenient Walmart, brand new on Hwy 98 which is 25 min drive from my house toward Sandestin.

Q: Where is the closest grocery store?
A: There is Winn Dixie and Publix just about 4 miles east on highway 98.

Q: Where is the closest pharmacy?
A: CVS is about 4 miles east on Hwy 98 toward Panama City Beach in front of the Winn Dixie.

Q: Where is the nearest hospital with Emergency Room?
A: Sacred Heart Hospital is located at 7800 U.S. Hwy. 98 in Miramar Beach, FL 32550. Telephone: 850-278-3000.

Q: Where is the closest medical service for minor illness?
A: Doc Smiley's Urgent Care is in Santa Rosa Beach ( Emerald Coast Urgent Care is in Destin and Panama City Beach, FL and has extended hours and open daily. ( Google Urgent Care, Santa Rosa Beach, FL for most recent facilities.

Q: How far is Seaside and Watercolor?
A: 6 miles to west on Highway 30A.

Questions about The Creole Plantation House and Cottage

Q: How do I get my key?
A: The Plantation House and Cottage each have their own lockboxes, you will get a combination to the lock box upon final payment, when you receive your vacation package.

Q: Can you see the beach from the house?
A: There is very limited view of gulf from 3rd floor, see the Photo Gallery for pictures..

Q: What is included with my rental?
A: Access to all four pools, linens, bath towels, kitchen utensils, cookware, day one starter items (initial supply of soap, paper towels, trash bags, dish detergent, laundry detergent).

Q: Will my unit have a washer/dryer?
A: Yes. The house and cottage have washer and dryer.

Q: Does house and cottage have a TV/DVD Player?
A: Yes, the house and cottage have Blueray DVD players.

Q: If the weather is predicted to be bad during my stay, will I receive a refund?
A: Refunds are not given due to inclement weather unless a mandatory evacuation is issued by the National Weather Service. In the event of a mandatory evacuation, only the unused portion of your stay will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for voluntary evacuations.

Q: Can we bring our family pets?
A: No Pets Allowed: We can't take pets due to bringing sand flees in the house which bite people. This is a smoke free and pet free house for those who have environmental allergies. Also, no carpet. All wood or stone floors.

Q: Can I have an early check in?
A: Check in time begins at 4PM CST. If you do arrive before the normal check in time and your home is ready for arrival, you may check into your home early. If you arrive early, you may spend your time at the beach or shopping. Do not do any grocery shopping until after check-in time, as we cannot grant access to the home until it is ready for check in.

Q: What time is check out?
A: Check out is at 10AM CST. Any unauthorized late check out is subject to a late check out fee of $100 per hour.

Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy?
A: The advance rent deposit will not be refunded unless the premises is re-rented for the same rental payment and time period reserved by Tenant. If refunded, there will be a $125 cancellation fee withheld from the Advance Rent Deposit. Refunds of Advance Rent Deposit and/or the Total Rental Fee will not be given for late arrivals, early departures or inclement weather conditions. In the event of a hurricane, refunds will be made in the event of a mandatory evacuation by governmental authorities. Refunds will be granted from the day of issuance of the mandatory evacuation.

Q: Can you feel the gulf breezes on the porches?
A: Yes if the wind is moving you can hear and feel the ocean at night time when it is quiet.

Q: How far is the beach from the Creole Cottage and Plantation?
A: You walk down Round Rd approximately 175 yards to the South, 1 min walk. You pass 4 ½ houses on the right and one and the playground on the left. Then you start walking on a board walk up the beach. You pass 2 houses on each side which flank the beach. When you get to the top of the boardwalk, you are looking at the beach. You can sit on top on some adirondack chairs , walk down the central steps, or walk down the handicap ramps on each side. There is seating on the ramps as well. Babies can be strolled right to the beach

Q: How far is the playground from Creole Cottage?
A: It is about 50 yds., takes about 30 seconds. It is private and quiet. You cannot hear noise from the playground at either house when outside.

Q: Is the Plantation House quiet?
A: Yes, it is insulated well between walls and floors. The quietest room to put a baby would be the 3rd bedroom on 1st floor which faces the garden. Will a crib fit? Yes, but very tight. People have put a pak n play or a crib in any of the bedrooms on the first, second floors, or the alcove on 3rd floor, or anywhere on the 3rd floor, and in the laundry area by the back door which goes to the garden. Both Plantation House and Cottage are insulated well and when inside either house, you do not hear the other guests outside or general noise outside if the windows are closed.

Q: Does each house have its own outdoor shower?
A: Yes, both separate. They both have hot water and each are located under the stairwell, one on round rd and one in the courtyard.

Q: Is there a problem with privacy if 2 different guests rent the houses?
A: No, this has not been a problem. Look at the floor plan on this website. The Cottage sits on the property line of Round Rd., facing Round Rd to the West and St. George’s Lane to the South. When you are on the balcony of the carriage house, you can’t see the guests sitting on the main house porch. The main house has 1250 square feet of porches on 2 sides which faces Abaco Lane to the North and Round Rd to the West. When sitting on the porch of main house, you can’t see anyone on the balcony of Cottage. There is one window on the carriage house that is small and shuttered closed. This is the window which faces the main house porch and it is in the stairwell of the Cottage.

The Courtyard is a common area for both houses and the grill is to be shared. Please do not store personal items or bikes in this area. The Courtyard is the only area outside, except for the balcony where the Cottage guests can relax on the property outside the home. The Plantation guests have access to 1250 square feet of porches on the Plantation house that are private and oriented away from the Cottage. This has not been a problem, but is pertinent information to know if you are renting one or both of the houses. The grill has inline gas so you won’t run out.

Q: Who gets to park in the garage?
A: The carriage house, Cottage guest does unless the houses are rented together. Why? it isn’t appropriate to have guests share personal space. It also isn’t appropriate for someone to be in the garage when someone is sleeping upstairs. The garage is small and has 2 small doors. You can park 2 small cars in there.

Q: Where do main guests park, on the street?
A: See parking guidelines.

Q: Where do we store our bikes and beach things?
A: For the Cottage guests, store your toys, bikes, and beach items in the garage. For the Plantation guests, please store beach toys and beach items in the large area beneath the exterior stairwell in the exterior shower. For the Plantation guests, there is a bike rack for bikes on the northeast side of the Plantation house that faces Abaco Lane where you can park your bikes beside the shuttered end of the northeast porch next to the gate that gives access to the back of the house. This is about an 8 foot by 8 to 10 foot area.

Q: What do we do with our trash?
A: See sheet

Q: How far is the house from the town center?
A: It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the town, see map.

Q: What happens if I lose a key or pass?
A: See rental agreement. Call or text Gayle Adams cell phone listed on rental agreement.

Q: What if I get locked out?
A: See agreement.

Q: What if I have a maintaince problem?
A: please notify the owner, Gayle Adams ASAP no matter how insignificant it may seem. The owner can repair a problem, the sooner she is aware of the problem. Please don't notify of problems after check out as there is limited time to repair things when the house is turning on a Sat. during the busy season. Please notify as soon as possilbe. For instance, notify immediately of a heating or cooling problem with either house. This information will also be in your agreement..


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Creole Plantation and Creole Cottage are in the beachfront community of Rosemary Beach, located on Florida's scenic Hwy 30A halfway between Destin and Panama City. Designed as a "destination" beach town, the "pedestrian" concept is similar to Seaside (eight miles west), and was designed by the same town planners. The Cottages are south of scenic Hwy 30A and centrally located between the beach, playground, pool, and tennis courts. The Cottages can be rented together or separately.